Day 6 – Terekeka

24 01 2013

Halfway through the trip. All are doing well. Pacing ourselves in the temperatures. 115 degrees today. In the sun. Good thing about this time of year is that the kids are not in school and they’re loving VBS on the days we hold it. Lots of laughter from the kids as they played water balloon toss.

Lori and Tara are doing an outstanding job with the kids. Today was kind of an off day for the school project as we are waiting on materials, so we worked on the list of honey-dos around campus. Electrical, plumbing, cleaned the water tower tank, adjusted the depth of the well pump to get it up out of the silt, baby-proofed the Klepp’s house now that Gideon is getting mobile and various other ‘around the house’ projects.

Just took a walk over to the neighboring fish cannery (still not in business—same state as when we were here in 2011). Was a nice walk along the Nile. Reminded us all of a National Geographic picture with some white birds flying by, the greenery growing along the riverbanks and the almost full moon over the water. Very scenic.

One of the real highlights of the day for a couple of us was hearing Kim laugh at Gideon at lunchtime. She’s definitely a mother in love with her kid. And her other 46 kids.

Discussion at dinner centered around the excitement as they await a container delivery from the States. They’re getting their very own tractor here on that container. Plus LOTS of other supplies for them.

They can still use plenty of help around here. Short term or long term.

We will start roofing the 3 school classrooms tomorrow since the materials are to arrive at any moment. We intend to do one classroom per day. Will be hot, but we only work until 1230 on construction due to the heat.

We appreciate all your support and prayers. We’re making a list of items they can use around here. Maybe another sea container from us in the future?

Buck Rodgers




2 responses

24 01 2013
Carollee Ferris

Lori, it was 8 below zero on my deck this morning, the 24th, when I went out to fill my bird feeders. Are those big white birds on the Nile, snowy egret, whiite ibis, or cattle egret?

Praying hard, enjoy this marvelous adventure for Christ. How I envy the whole group’s opportunity. love Mom

26 01 2013

Thanks for the post, Dad. I like the brevity and bullet points. Sounds like you guys are getting a lot accomplished, which is great. Watch out for those parasite creatures in the Nile…

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