Day 7 – Yei

25 01 2013

Hi Everyone,

Well, it is day seven here in Yei, South Sudan.

Today started with the young children worshiping under the early morning moonlight. Not quite a full moon, but very close. The sounds are always amazing!

After a couple of early morning projects in and around the compound to get the juices flowing, we congregated for our final day of VBS.

P1040641VBS started out with MABC’s very own “Happy and You Know It” theme song. Don and I had a great time leading this song with the children. By this last day the children were singing SO loud to the song! Over the last couple of days, as I was working around the compound I could hear the children singing the words to the song. “If your happy and you know it, know it”, never sounded so amazing!

Karen Hall along with a group of the older children set us up with a final day of worship songs. It tugs at each of our hearts to see the children sing at the top of their lungs with the amazing worship songs. Throughout the compound I hear the children singing, “Beautiful One I Love, Beautiful One I Adore”…

Kristie settled in and capped off our final day with the “Ten Commandments”. She did a fantastic job all week teaching God’s word to the children of Harvesters along with children from nearby villages.

P1040643After our teaching, Terry and I lead over 150 children out to the playground to throw Frisbees and play with water balloons. With the temperatures as hot as they were early today, the cool feeling of a water balloon hitting you felt very refreshing. The children were laughing so much as they threw their water balloons at Don and I.

We finished off our VBS last day with the Chicken Dance and the Interlude Dance lead by Don and I. For the last day we danced the Interlude Dance twice and the kids were yelling for us to dance more. Unfortunately we had to say NO due to the fact that a small mosh pit filled with children was about to be formed! Didn’t want to hurt anyone!

Today’s lunch & dinner was Mexican! I thought I made good guacamole, but after today, I was introduced to a very delicious recipe. Along with the guacamole, there was some amazing salsa for us to consume. Rice and beans never tasted SO good! At dinner, we were blessed with the addition of chicken. Bon Appetite! So blessed…

After lunch, Mindy, Brent, Terry, Karen, Don and a group of children headed down to the church to get back to our painting project at the church! Our goal is to finish up with the painting by this Sunday church service. Harvester’s church is getting a whole new makeover with some beautiful painting.

After about an hour or so into painting, God decided to bless us with a very unusual rain shower for about a half an hour. It was fun to see all the children running around the compound. Most of us huddled under the church’s roof overhang until the shower passed us by. I was told that rain showers at this time of the year are very rare. The temperatures dropped about 10-15 degrees with the passing shower. It was nice to have the cooler temps to wrap our day!

Sister Josephine asked me if I could fix some doors on a kitchen cabinet this morning! Without hesitation, I told her, she will have a new set by this afternoon. As is usual, I had my customary group of children around me during this project. All in all, it is so amazing to see what God’s has in his plan!

Don and I also finished up a new bench under the mango tree, again with the aid of ten or so curious children. It is amazing to be able to use my handyman skills around this compound. There are so many small projects that needed attention. Over the past week, I have repaired about a half dozen beds, added posts for mosquito netting, and repaired and made new window shutters. God is good…

To end things this evening, we were blessed with movie night with the children. Tonight’s main feature was “The Prince of Egypt”. It was amazing to see the children laugh and enjoy the teaching from the book of Exodus with Moses.

All in all we had a great end to our first week here in Yei. God is truly doing some amazing things around Harvesters and the surrounding villages.

God bless,
Emanuel (a.k.a. Todd)

1 Peter 4:10
As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.





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26 01 2013

I want to wish Karen a Happy 34 Anniversity for January 27th. It is okay to be away when God is using you like he is now. See you soon. love veldon

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