Day 9 – Yei

28 01 2013

DSC00064Roosters still crowing non-stop all day providing that touch of “country living” that we are enjoying so much. Delicious omelets for breakfast along with bananas and coffee. While we’re on the subject of food I might add that we have been overjoyed with the variety of delicious items on the menu here. Every day the menu has expanded to tempt us with more yummy things to eat. Here are just a few: Beans & rice, cooked cabbage, pasta with tuna, pineapple, veggie pizza, tortillas with fresh salsa, guacamole, refried beans, fried chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, Italian chicken, pancakes, chocolate crinkle cookies, and today for dessert, pineapple upside down cake! So much for loosing those ten pounds…

It was nice to sit with the children during Sunday School in the dining hall this morning. Several children were selected to participate in an impromptu skit about the story of the Good Samaritan. Everyone let out a gasp followed by barrels of giggles as about ten kids pounced on top of the injured person lying on the floor.

It is clear that the children here are accustomed to serving in leadership roles in any and every circumstance. Today we were blessed to observe a young girl who was teaching Sunday School for the very first time. She was about 14 years old. It was apparent that she was prepared to teach, having absorbed sound teaching at Harvesters for years. Every single day we have observed young children assisting and teaching those who are younger than they. The simplicity of it humbles me and encourages me to open up more to sharing the Gospel with others.

DSC00142We meandered down to the church, that we spent most of yesterday painting, to practice our Team “Skit” for the worship service. Kristie wrote the skit as we sat around the dinner table last night. I wish each of you reading this blog could have witnessed our skit! Our job was to provide a reenactment of I Kings 17:17-28 where God works a miracle through Elijah the prophet by bringing a widow’s son back to life! Try to picture Terri as the widow, Todd was Elijah, Kristie was narrator with Karen and Brent adding musical highlights to include the Spiritual, “Elijah Rock” and also “He is Alive” from Celebrate Life. Mindy did a great job filming. Again we were blessed to have the Harvesters Worship Team lead us in praising the Lord through song and to hear Pastor Pooshani preach the Word.  I was fortunate to be able to sing “I Surrender All” and “Trust and Obey” accompanied by Donald on the guitar as an alter call.

We were joined by Dr. Perry, Elizabeth and their children in the payette for lunch. Several of us enjoyed a conversation with Mr. Mourice who shared about life in this region of South Sudan for the past few years. Dr. Perry and Elizabeth shared with us that the child from the community who came to the hospital at Harvesters with severe burns obtained by pulling over a boiling pot of water was released today. It is a blessing that the child can receive further treatment at the hospital in days to come, but join us in praying that infection does not set in.

Around 2:15 pm we set out in the Toyota Land Cruiser for our shopping trip to Yei. Yes, the ruts in the road varied from 1 – 3 feet in depth, but what a fun memory we now have! Upon arrival in Yei the structure of the shopping centers became even more apparent than before. Open store fronts with tin roofs and ginormous “ruts” between the street and the stores. Some grocery-type stores were visible and I noticed people sitting in chairs inside their store waiting for customers. We stopped at a small establishment to exchange our American currency into that of South Sudanese so we could purchase items there. I was on the look-out for bright bold fabrics to bring back and found several that mirror the types of fabric we have seen on women walking up and down the road in front of Harvesters. In fact the children dress up to the max on Sunday for church as you can see in the photo above.  While in Yei, we stopped at Twins Hotel/Restaurant to enjoy a refreshing bottled soda! It was not the Ritz Carlton.

DSC00969Returning to Harvesters around 5:00 pm we headed to the bench on the playground to play with the kids. The 6-12 year olds love the singing/clapping games like Miss Mary Mac and will repeat it over and over. I took my video camera over to the younger kids playground on the other side of the dining hall and captured some good footage of the middle school girls sharing scripture and singing. I was especially thrilled throughout the week to get pictures and videos of Elijah David, a little boy that we are sponsoring. It took about 3 days for him to smile at me, but now he lights up when he sees me. The two things I liked the most so far (1) hearing the children sing early in the morning before breakfast, in the dark and (2) Elijah David running up to me in the morning with a big smile on his face. I swooped him up and got to hold him a little while. My heart is completely full just thinking about it. This one is always on the go!

DSC00176I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to partake of this culture, spend time with these people, and learn about a new and different part of His creation. Much thanks to my supporters who helped make this possible. I told Pastor Pooshani that I had $400.00 dollars given to me by sponsors over and above our trip cost, and with that I would like to purchase a new keyboard for worship. She told me that the cost of a new keyboard here would be $400.00 and I am very happy to know that she can purchase one very soon. God is certainly involved in details.

I hope that in the days and years that follow I will reserve time to pray for these precious people in this very different place. I know I will never be the same.

Ps. Happy 34th Anniversary Veldon (kiss too), and a big hug to Ashley, Tony, Wren & Tim! I love you so much and can’t wait to share stories and pictures with you!





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