Days 7 & 8 – Terkekea

29 01 2013

Satellite internet has been down for days in Terekeka.  Here’s one to tide you over for now (we’re in Addis Abbaba Ethiopia and have internet access again).


This will be the blog post for yesterday and today as things have been a little crazy around here.  Yesterday and today have proven a little challenging as a little stomach bug has hit some of the crew here.  Everyone is doing fine but we are resting in shifts and juggling some assignments in order to be the best help we can.  The roofing started yesterday since the material had arrived and Buck and Steve headed up that project.  Lori and Tara have been great with the kids and did a little VBS with the kids complete with water balloons.  The kids seemed to be having a blast but I don’t see how you cannot when it is hot and there are water balloons to be thrown at each other. The kids had bible study last night and Kim had a very good lesson for them but towards the end the mosquitos came in force like they were organized and had a leader but the lesson was finished.


Baby Joseph is doing better after the IV and his grandmother is able to get him to drink some formula from a cup.  We hope he will continue to get stronger and grow a little faster.  Baby Bero is doing well with Tara’s Physical Therapy but we are still unsure of the reason for his muscle contractions.  We purchased some apples for the kids that we will be giving out tomorrow after church, this will be a big treat for them as they usually don’t get these especially in dry season.


Today the work continues on the roof with Steve and Todd helping Lance out.  I am helping out with some office work before the start of school here in a couple weeks.  It is supposed to be warmer today than it has in the last couple so God graced us with a very nice morning with a little breeze and a beautiful sunrise over the Nile.  Also we had some fried dough this morning for breakfast very similar to a donut so that always helps make a morning better.  Tara and Lori are working on finishing up the painting in the dining hall today and I will say they are doing a very good job….although Lori I think has more paint on her shirt than the wall has.  They are going to play a game with them this afternoon which all are looking forward to.  Some of the girls are writing letters to their sponsors with a little help from me to read and pronounce the names. As I am walking around the compound I am watching some of the boys hunt the birds in the trees, they are pretty accurate with a slingshot that is for sure.  They even work in pairs with one spotting and the other shooting.


Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us and the work that is being done here.  We can only hope we have been a help to those who live here. Tomorrow is Sunday so you all be careful getting to church but don’t worry about us our roads already have sand spread on them just in case.




3 responses

29 01 2013
Joanne & Mike Martin

You all are wonderful. Happy Birthday to Buck. God bless each & everyone of you

29 01 2013
Lynn and Jeff Borcuk

Happy Birthday Buck! Another blessed trip and you are all safe. More blessings on your return voyage. Jeff and Lynn

30 01 2013
Tamara Krause

Praying for a safe and smooth flight back across the big pond to home. Look forward to hearing your stories once home.

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